MEND: Couch Surfer Services

​MEND-ing our community by connecting couch surfers and their hosts with support services to reduce the risk of chronic street homelessness

In an emergency call 000. If you urgently need a bed tonight ring: link-2-home 1800 152 152

In just 30 seconds…

​Y​​ou can register to be connected with a service provider who can help. Couch Surfer is a platform created to support and assist couch surfers in maintaining safe arrangements and good relationships with their hosts. We also aim to help couch surfers on their journey to finding stable, long-term housing. 

Did you know?

* Australians couch surf on any given night


* of couch surfers are aged between 15 - 24

* couch surfer experience repeat episodes of homelessness

Mend: Couch Surfers has an important mission

Couch surfing is among the most hidden forms of homelessness. Couch surfing can be a precursor to chronic street homelessness; therefore, it is crucial to make early intervention accessible for people experiencing couch surfing through targeted policies, programs, and services. 

​​Our vision is to provide a platform allowing for both couch surfer and host to resolve any issues and provide a long-term solution for the couch surfer.

​​We support the host and couch surfer during their stay to maintain safe and healthy arrangements, avoiding a breakdown in the relationship. We also aim to help the couch surfer on their journey to finding secure housing.

How it works

1. A couch surfer or a host who needs assistance simply fills in a web form or send an SMS.

2. They’ll answer key questions to be stored in our system, which we’ll use to identify how we can help you.

3. ​Their information is given to a live operator to assist their mediating between couch surfer and hosts, to remove any anxiety and enable everyone to work together.

4. Couch Surfers and Hosts are subsequently connected to the appropriate service to achieve a long-term outcome, re-housing the Couch Surfer if necessary.

Our partner organisations

Our ambitions can’t be achieved without the help of the organisations with whom we partner.

Couch Surfer text line

​​​​​​The Couch Surfer text line connects couch surfers with dedicated caseworkers and is available in 109 languages.

In an emergency call 000.
If you urgently need a bed tonight ring: link-2-home 1800 152 152

If you are a couch surfer and need assistance, text 0480 049 922  or scan this barcode.

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Couch Surfer webform

If you cannot use our text line, please use the webform below. 
In an emergency call 000.
If you urgently need a bed tonight ring: link-2-home 1800 152 152

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    ​We want to be game-changers when it comes to homelessness and couch surfing. Through our app, MEND, we automate the process of connecting those in our community who are experiencing street homelessness with services that can help them get back on their feet.